Wolff 1911/2011 recoil spring

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Product Overview

Wolff recoil srpings offer the highest quality and consistent weights, protecting your expensive competition gear.

Available in both variable (progessive wind) and conventional (standard wind), you can fine tune the performance of your gear with the multiple options available.

Recoil springs and firing pin springs should be replaced every 5000 rounds on average, more often if you are on the lighter side of the spectrum of spring weight.

Keep in mind that the popular belief that lighter is better will most likely result in premature wear on the frame/slide and the locking lugs if you go too light. The 1911/2011 was designed to lock and unlock using a portion of the recoil spring pressure in the timing. 

Each recoil spring is supplied with a spare firing pin spring, so you can replace both at the same time.

Made in the USA 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review