Ultimate CZ Sear Spring

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Product Overview

The Ultimate line for CZ was developed by 7 time IPSC World Champion Eric Grauffel.  These springs are ideal for competitive shooting, as they will guarantee a better trigger feel and performance.

This spring is compatible with all the CZ 75 type of pistols. (Shadow 2, SP01, TS, Czechmate ...)

Each spring (sear or trigger) will provide a 15% reduction in weight compared to the original spring.

The tests are carried out on a CZ Shadow 2 factory model. On 10 weighings, the highest and the lowest are discarded. The average is taken from the eight remaining values.


Trigger Spring 

Factory Spring 

652 Gr 

4 Coils 


Ultimate Spring 


4 Coils 

Gain Of 15 %


Trigger And Sear Spring 

Factory Trigger + Sear Spring

955,75 Gr

Factory Sear : 4 Coils 


Factory Trigger Spring + Ultimate Sear Spring 

808 Gr 


Gain Of 15,5 % 

Ultimate Trigger + Sear Springs 

678 Gr 

Ultimate Sear : 4 Coils 

Gain Of 30 %





(No reviews yet) Write a Review