Silicone cleaning cloth

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Silicone impregnated cleaning cloth. Individually bagged, each cotton cloth measures 12"x14". (30.5cm x 35.5cm) The food grade silicone is the ultimate multi-purpose cleaner that you SHOULD use from everything to cleaning your magazines to wiping your ammo before filling your mags and everything in between. The primary recommendation is for your magazines. Using a mag brush only removes large loose particles of dirt, but doesn't remove the powder residue that builds up inside your mags and on your followers. This residue will cause malfunctions once enough of it builds up, and that doesn't take long. Push or pull the silicone cloth through your mag body once, and look at how much dirt it cleans off. Clean the follower and re- assemble your magazine. You now have a functioning, clean piece of equipment. Wrap a piece of silicone cloth around a single stack mag brush and keep it in a ziplock bag in your range bag. This is the most effective way to clean single or double stack magazines. Also use the cloth to wipe down your firearm as you put it away. It will remove harmful body oils and acidic perspiration that will damage your firearm's finish. The uses for this must-have piece of kit are endless.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review