IPSCALEX Purple Lube

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A breakthrough in firearms lubrication! This 100% synthetic grease containing ceramic solids has an unheard of temperature range of -50F to +3000F  And believe me, after a rapid fire1000 round torture test, the grease stays exactly where it's been applied. Works perfect on barrel lockup surfaces, as well as the locking lugs and the barrel lug. For pistols with a loose slide to frame fit, it works wonders when used on the frame rails. Or, use in conjunction with Blue Lube for tighter guns. The absolute best thing about this lube is that it doesn't easily collect dirt and powder residue, unlike other well known grease products that become a hard, abrasive paste after a while. A little of this lube goes a long way. Trying is believing. Once you use it, you'll throw rocks at everything else. 

.05oz / 14.5gr jars

Made in USA



(No reviews yet) Write a Review