IPSCALEX Iron Sight Shooter Fiber Optic Survival Kit 1mm

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Yes, it's happened to all of us. Either your fiber optic falls out of your front sight or your dot turns off when you need it most. So you carry on with an empty hole in your front sight for the rest of the stage. When you're done, you hightail it to the safety table, begging everyone around you for a lighter. No worries, cause you have the IPSCALEX survival fiber optic kit in your range bag, and after a couple of minutes, you're back in business with the brightest, lightest fiber back where it belongs: in the empty hole in your front sight.

Highest quality, exceptionally bright European made scintillating fiber in 1mm (.040") in neon red, radioactive green and sunburst yellow for the colourblind folks.

Sold in 13" lengths. Yes, thats longer than the competition. After all, size matters no matter what people say. 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review