IPSCALEX Titanium Compensator

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Product Overview

IPSCALEX Titanium compensator for your ultimate Open division racer...

EDM machined from a solid block of 6AL 4-V Titanium and finish machined in a CNC mill, this super tough compensator will provide you with maximum performance possibilities. Features a round top and slab slides, ready to accept whatever slide profile and stirrup cut you can think of. Packed with go fast features like angled vertical ports and offset side ports to minimise horizontal push from muzzle torque.


2 x vertical ports, identical size with a 10 degree back angle

2 x regtangular side ports on right side of compensator at a 30 degree back angle

1 x rectangular side port on the left side of compensator at a 30 degree back angle

Compensator bore is opened to .375", requiring minimal alignement reaming after fitting

Compensator is relief cut to accept Modied reverse plugs for short barrel applications (click on thumbnail pic for an expamle of this application)

Threads are .6875"- 40

Material is 6AL 4-V Titanium alloy

Proudly machined in Canada from North American sourced materials




(No reviews yet) Write a Review