IPSCALEX 1911/2011 Firing Pin

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Product Overview

IPSCALEX extended 1911 Firing Pin. Longer on both ends, but will not protrude into the breechface when the hammer is at rest. Made of 17-4 stainless alloy, and hardened to RC45. This pin tip diameter is .067" and will fit most manufactuers small pin slides, as opposed to the original GI 1911 .093" diamater.

Say goodbye to ignition problems with hard primers and most home trigger tuning jobs that involve cutting down the mainspring. Within reason.

Pin features a longer head for more torque.

Pin features a small detent in the head, which should help eliminate damaging your eyeballs from flying firing pins when the tool slips off the head during installation.

Pin is sold in heat treating colour. The plan was to sell them polished but this color is too cool.

Just like your trigger tuning, you should always refer installation and fitting to a competent gunsmith.

Machined in Canada from North American sourced materials



(No reviews yet) Write a Review