• CED Deluxe Patch Dispenser

    IPSC Alex

  • $112.00

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  • Description

    Also known as a paster gun in the USA. There is no better way to quickly hide your horrible hits on targets before your buddies see them than with this full semi-auto patching (pasting) device. Saves time during training sessions allowing you to spend more time shooting way too fast and making excuses instead of restoring targets the slower, old fashioned way.

    Or, make your competitions run smoother while using fewer patches (pasters) due to the stunning speed of the device. But mostly because it's harder to "accidentally" go home with a patch (paster) gun than a loose roll of patches. (pasters) Really helps the bottom line for match organizers.

    Perfect for IPSCALEX patch (paster) rolls...

    Made In Japan


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