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The perfect gun oil. Synthetic, true SAE 50 weight oil, that stays put and doesn't run off like most other thinner oils out there. Even other "blue" oils. It's the only 50 weight oil on the market that bonds to metal at a molecular level, and prevents dirt and powder residue from sticking. After shooting your pistol long enough to get it completely dirty, the powder residue that is normally baked on just wipes away with your finger. You want proof? This oil will not allow steel to blue or black oxide in a 280F salt bath where this oil and metal have made contact. Try that with any other oil.... You need to try it to believe it. Anything else is a compromise.

Sold in 0.35fl.oz / 10ml  and 0.68fl.oz / 20ml needle-top bottles

Made in France


(No reviews yet) Write a Review